YAIL error when compiling

how to fix this Error generating Yail for screen 4952326032850944_Reddem: : Cannot read property ‘type’ of null. Please fix and try packaging again.

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show your block
i think you have space on blocks

this is a known error and it will be fixed with the next release. (according to Makeroid Developers.)

Will it have something to do with my problem?

Not correct.
It looks like any wrong thing in the project done by the user. Not by a component.

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Are you sure?

In another post some of the Makeroid Developers said that you’ve fixed for the next release. (no lies :slight_smile:.)

In which post? Can you show me the link.
Users get the error when they have a wrong (maybe deleted/old from the component) block in the project.



Iam not sure if the numbers only option was in this example for all the issue creator.
I saw projects where we got the same error report but the problem was another.

We will see after next release the things are correct now or not.

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we’ll see :slight_smile:.