Yandex stopped free translation service

While looking for Yandex translate API keys, i came across a page which said they dont offer this service now. Using google i can look for other options too, but in kodular only yandex translate is given, then what is the solution?


You can use the API of the other services through the Web component

Will yandex component accept api of other translation tools

Obviously, No

Read again

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Web component?

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I made account on Rakuten API to get api. In settings, i am stuck here. What url do i need to provide?

While browsing Community I found that it uses Bing translator service so I searched a bit about it and found that it is free.

i have already checked that. it asks for credit card details. i am afraid if they charge me for any reason

I am using this service. I have used its key in place of Yandex. All the blocks are perfect as per yandex translator. but it shows error.
Can anyone tell me in case i am missing something? After reading quickstart guide below

Are you using Kodular yandex blocks to access another API?

This is the way. And understand the API.

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What is web component and where can i find it?

Read Docs for knowing about the components.

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I tried replacing fully functional yandex blocks with web component, i am getting some error as shown below.


the web component does not have a parameter translation
you might want to choose one of the available parameter in the red circle…
try response Content


How to make changes here. No exact block was found under web component

Both are different using web you need to work with apis

I have already put its api key in respective component. Kindly let me know required blocks

Would you please give the link of that site?