Yandex works good but it gives me a List Error

Good evening everybody.
I’m struggling with Yandex: i dont want to translate any text, i want to translate my own app labels and buttons in order to be used worldwide. Fortunately there are not so many labels and buttons, but still a few…so i tried to figure out how i can translate them all using strings. At the moment i’m working on english-italian, but soon or later i will be able to add more languages (as I fix this problem). That will be easy job after solving this enigma.
Yandex works good, translates everything i need, but kodular keeps on me reporting this error message:
“Select list item: Attempt to get item number 2 of a list of length 1: (This is a test message)”
Button 1 has as text: “This is a test message”
Label 1 has: “Message of congratulations”
And they work like this:

blocks (9)
blocks (10)
blocks (11)
blocks (12)

It works just fine, Yandex translates good but i can’t figure out how i can fix this error message.

Thank you in advance!

Hello there,
As I can understand, you should not use the - [set Button1.Text to select list …] block and the set [Label1.Text to select list item…] block in the [when Yandex_Translate1.Got Translation] block.

[when Yandex_Translat1.Got Translation] block triggers each time when the translation process has been completed. If I elaborate for your better understanding, let’s suppose the first time the [Got Translation] block triggers, it will have the translation for only the [Button1.Text] and not for the [Label1.Text]. Therefore, at that time, when you ask for the 2nd Item in the list, which is not present their yet, it might give you the error you’re facing.

If you find this reply a mess, then do let me know.

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Thank you very much for your help.
I made this topic nearly 1 month ago, i managed to get a solution even though i can’t remember how.

I’ll mark your answer as solution anyway.

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