🥳 Year Ending Special Weekly Challenge No. #2

:partying_face: Year Ending Special Weekly Challenge #2

Q2) Get The Difference Between Two Days If 0, Then Show Expired Otherwise Show Not Expired.

Condition: Write short code as much as you can, Don’t use any extension

NOTE: Share your answer to this post below (i.e reply section). Answer should not be same as previously posted answer. Submit Answer In Block Image Format.

Last Date of Submission:
16 December 2023 @7 PM

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Please Go Trough FAQ Section:


Procedure 1:
In this procedure, you can use two dates to get the difference between two dates. If the difference is less than one means the difference is 0 or negative then the procedure will return Expired otherwise return will be Not Expired.

Procedure 2:
This procedure can help to understand the basic concept of a subscription system. In this procedure, you can use your subscription purchase date and subscription duration time like 30 days or 90 days. It will return the subscription status Expired or Not.
I used this 2nd one for most of the time.

NOTE: Adding those systems to your app can be risky, as users might change their phone time to bypass them. For added safety, you can check if the phone’s time matches its online time before running the procedure

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no one sharing answers, what happened?

This community has definitely expired, there is no longer any interest left.
If the team for a year did not listen to the complaints, did not give incentives, did not provide solutions, did not show a minimum of interest, an unreturnable point was reached.

many have already migrated and others are in the process, a shame.

It is not even known if it will finally be delivered to MIT or the project will be shelved.
No one takes the risk of developing big projects anymore, without a guarantee of anything.


any other feedback plz…

Here is my entry for second challenge of this series, Sorry for the late response friends.
hope the organizers don’t mind me replying on last day of submission.

Here are my Blocks

Here is the Functioning Video

please check the blocks,videos and do let me know if i can improve it somehow.

here is the app apk
YearEndChallange2.apk (4.4 MB)