Yet another google account termination

I had several niche news apps get suspended at once. None were focusing on the coronavirus. But since they pulled feeds, I had virus stories. A few days later they terminated me for life. I know you think there is more to this. But every one of my suspension letters pointed at the current pandemic as the reason. I also put up a patriotic t-shirt store a day before. GOOGLE please fix this mattbullis at gmail.

If Google play store suspended any app for more than 2 times then users console account may be suspended according to privacy policy.

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Sadly they hit me on multiple apps at the same time. My android development days are finished.

No, you can publish your apps on other app stores.

We at Kodular can do nothing about this. You have to contact Google.

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It’s your responsibility to make sure your app complies with Google’s policies. There is no point in breaking those policies then complaining about it here.

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Yeah, I’m starting a list. AppGallery is a big one out of China from huawei. As well as Amazon and Samsung. They just don’t have the user base that Play has.

I think I’m just going to go to PWA and dabble with IOS

Just needed a place to vent. Sorry your offended

I finally got it back. It took emailing every executive email I could find. Lessons learned.

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You got your console account back or not

I got it back. I have to resubmit my apps.