Yoga Exercise App with Kodular (an old Project)

I noticed one thing that your app has 50+ Downloads only and have 82 … 5 Stars … Did you gave reviews from different accounts by yourself ?

Why do you think he did it?


Google Play never says the specific download counts, only 50, 100, 500, 1000 etc. So 82 download count will look as 50+ in Google Play by users. Only app developer can see the exact count.


it takes time to update downloads.

@yusufcihan For example app has 99 Downloads and from 99 peoples 82 gave 5 reviews … Logic?? … my App has 1000+ downloads and only got 23 reviews with 4.6 rating

That’s why I’m asking …if he did… why did he did this

Nice app but I found it

It needs media and files permission to show animations from files, which i use downloder to download at first startup,

Downloads are up to 90+ but play store only shows 50+ 100+ 1000+ like this , As @yusufcihan said…


I am just waiting for Kodular to give option to show gif images in app, so we can show easily, because i have used web view to show gif and gif are coming from files not supporting assets, just waiting for kodular or i will make image animations in next update to solve this problem, because in my phones works fine but for other user after new update its showing missing photos error, soon i will change animations to pictures

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Rated 5 stars and already uninstalled :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, in next update i will fix that, thinking about canceling gif images and adding simple images and change that images with clock to make an animation


Take a look at this post …

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This extension is not playing gif this is for png image and play that image , but for single image, not working as good for many images, i have an extension that playing gif in appybuilder but not working in kodular

I like it. Very simple and straight to the point.
If I am allowed some criticism, don’t use the shaded font in the opening screen over the images. Instead use plain white. It will look more professional.
And there’s a typo. It says “Worout” instead of workout, but that only shows after I go to another tab and then go back to it.

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Thanks for your suggestions bro, i really appreciate that, and also for giving me a mistake notification, thats a typing mistake and i will sure fix that, Thanks a lot,

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It’s possible he bought the reviews or asked friends to review the app.


Are you using some API for the app or you have stored data somewhere like firebase.

No, all data stored in application, in lists

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