You already have an app under review

Hey there @Kodular staff, I had recently submitted my app for review, and when I submitted the app I was premium user, it is said that a premium user will get advantage that the app will be reviewed usually in 24 hours, but now it has been more than 1 month 16 days, it has not got reviewed, I made a new account for the approval, but it’s showing “Wait 17 hours from now”. Now what I should do, @Kodular staff please help me in this matter, my app is also published on Google Play Store, and for earning I need to show ads, so please help me. My app :

@Kodular @Peter @Rogerio_Rios and other Staff.

same case
and we cant submitted more than 1 for it,

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yeah its true, its a big problem too.

but if you want to earnign without approval you can use startapp io
approval only for google ads
right ?

But my premium has ended, and I don’t want to purchase it right now.

If you app available on play store then you can’t need approval

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But it’s showing you need approval, when i added ads in it.
While testing the app.

But it’s showing that you need approval, when i added ads in it, and tested it on my phone. @Princeboy

Download from play store… Ads will be displayed

oky then thanks.