You already have an app under review

It has been giving this warning “You already have an app under review” for two months and I have a premium account but no one approves it

Hello, can you please share your app ID that’s under review?


If you are talking about the app name, “harfler gelsin”, but I don’t know where the app id is.

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You can get the APP_ID from the url.
For example, here my app ID is #6511760182870016

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thank you app ıd: #6012196430544896

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While I was using my application, it started to give a color error. I researched it and saw that it was fixed by downloading AIA, correcting a certain part of it, and reinstalling it. However, when I reinstalled it, the message “You have an application under review” appeared and did not disappear. I would be very happy if you could help me on this issue.

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Sorry for the delay, I’ve forwarded it to the concerned team. You should have an update soon.

@ABDULKADIR_ERASLAN your question will get better reach if you change the category to Discussion