You can program a command so that at a certain date and time a button is pressed on the system

i want to make a system that i can select a specific date and time (real life date and time).
for example, I would like that tomorrow at 19:00 the button of a certain page is pressed.
if possible put examples of app to help me, because I am new and I still have difficulty understanding, thanks.

Start by reading the documentation and doing tutorials, watching videos etc.

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I already read and looked about it, but I didn’t find anything so I came here to ask, right, besides that it’s all in English and I have to translate because I don’t speak fluent English, I even write it using Google translator


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Do you the button to be pressed exactly at 1900hrs automatically or want to enable (function) ?

I misunderstand my doubts, sorry.
I want something with a calendar with time, so that the user can select on that calendar (for example) that he wants the button and the day and time he wants this button to be pressed

Yes, I got it. The above example is with a constant and not a variable
Adjust it to use a timepicker feedback.
Try it.