You cannot install this app because another user has already installed an incompatible version on this device

How Fix This Error Today My App Published Play Store And Now Im Test My app But Show This Error

Have you installed the same app with another account? In your device

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Refer this , Actually your debug version of the app didnt get uninstalled properly

  1. Go to settings > apps > downloaded app list
  2. You can see the installed applications in the list (the application may not be in order. or may be towards the very end)
  3. Click on the application,go to the overflow menu option
  4. Click on uninstall for all users options


Thank You Solve

how to fix i am not get user Location But Play Store Show this My App

Try adding this to your AndroidManifest:

<uses-permission tools:node=‚ÄĚremove‚ÄĚ android:name=‚ÄĚEnterPermissionNameHere‚ÄĚ />

the important part is the attribute tools:node=‚ÄĚremove‚ÄĚ this way it will try to remove the permission if its added from somewhere within the app. Just Make sure to replace ‚ÄúEnterPermissionNameHere‚ÄĚ with the exact permission name for example ‚Äúandroid.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION‚ÄĚ

Maybe this will fix your problem

can you send your app link

This may be because you placed ads in your app.

onesingle /push notification need location access

i am use Only Storage access not use location access So play store suspend my app

who is post delete