Your app contains exposed Google Cloud Platform (GCP) API keys

I got this Alert on my 2 Apps made with kodular, i dont know what is this and how to fix this issue

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Just dismisses the alert. Right now there is no salutation to fix that.

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does it effect my app? or any other issue like rejection of app from play store ?

No I have the same thing but my apps are working fine.

Thanks Dear, Lets see if anyone else knows this issue or any solution for koders

If you would have searched the forum you would have known.


Same error here help to remove it.

Click on the yellow warningsignal and it should go away. :sunglasses:

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im also facing same issue

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Getting firebase error, after this GCP notice, strange runtime error appears everytime my app call the firebase. Sometimes don’t sometimes appear.

thats why i stopeed using firebase and working on airtable spreadsheet, better and easy solution

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@Peter Sir Please Solve This Issue , I Am Also Facing This Issue

yeah but airtable is good for read only, but i dont see much for users how to write with only creating row , likewise firebase you can have a realtime features, which user can read/write data. It just something to fix here

no its giving all support like creating row, updating cells and all, and much easier from firebase, its not easy to get all tags data in once but in airtable i am getting that very easily , simple to use, firebse creats lot of mess there

then how can u get the specific row id if a user want to write something in a data

it can be get by selecting something from a list and index in the list will be row number and use update row, by column name and row number, i used that method in many apps, and working very good

I faced same problem. I removed firebase from my app and i have added Airtable now its working fine.

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@ImranTariq Can you send me the exact APK as shown here? (in PM please :grinning:)

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