Your app contains exposed Google Cloud Platform (GCP) API keys

Security alert

Your app contains exposed Google Cloud Platform (GCP) API keys. Please see this Google Help Center article for details.

Vulnerable locations:

  • io.kodular.dizneycool007.JaduSikhe.Home->lambda34
  • io.kodular.dizneycool007.JaduSikhe.Home->lambda35

Affects APK version 3 .

how to fix this

Welcome. I guess you didn’t search the forum, this has been asked before.

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You get this alert because you’ve used Firebase on your app. This is not a serious problem for now and better to ignore…

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i had faced the same problem .
So will it delay the release of my app ?
Does the app be suspended from google playstore ?

No issue for now. No delay, no suspension.

okay , i am waiting for its release . after its publication , can i update the app which can solve this issue ?

This is not an issue with Kodular. Since you allow users to write on your database, Google shows the warning.

Hm okay because i need to know the warning as i cannot take risk in getting my app suspended or delayed .