Your app was blocked but

but my application was received in google playstore 10 months ago . :grin::joy::thinking:🤷

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Could you describe your app please? Also send us what you entered in the approval request, if possible.


If your app is on Google Play, it will show ads when downloaded from Play Store independently if it’s blocked or not


Ok! thanks, that’s just an experiment. previously I always published it directly > play store :grin:

help for Show kodular ads


Tá muito chato isso impossível aprovar anúncio desse jeito já perdi as contas das vezes que mandei para análise, e meu aplicativo tá 100% normal, bem programado, todo fluido e os cara não aprovam anúncios.

Me mostrem uma solução aí direção do KODULAR.
Pois a pessoa passar dois meses trabalhando no projeto para na hora o principal que é a forma de ganhar alguma coisa ai não ser aprovado por bug por erro, isso é chato.

IAE vocês vão aprovar manualmente ou é o quê?


It is very annoying that it is impossible to approve ads in this way I have lost count of the times I sent them for analysis, and my application is 100% normal, well programmed, all fluid and the guys do not approve ads.

Show me a solution there in the direction of KODULAR.
Because the person spends two months working on the project for the main thing, which is how to earn something there, not be approved by bug for mistake, this is boring.

IAE will you approve manually or what?

Was this reflected in your request description?
Also, was the description in English?

Please post the app description you had submitted to us when requesting approval.

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Yes it was entirely in English

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I sent and didn’t keep it elsewhere; I’m going to do something like HOW
I sent and I send you

It is an application in which the user earns points by answering questions.
Soon after, he can exchange these points for prizes.
Remembering the application has a story that works on it, it is not made just for display, it does not have options for the user to click on ads or videos, it is not at all. The user enters creating an account and answers questions about general knowledge and, thus, obtains some points that are the currency of the application, resuming the application and a questionnaire of questions.

The entire application was made with a firebase database, programmed in the most correct way possible by a programmer with more than two years of experience with KODULAR

help me guyz

Post more details like if you received any message stating the reason, your app type etc.

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Capture 3
first, I get an email your app was blocked and after that, I get Your app was approved

its browser

and also i get this message

kodular don’t allow to put ads on browser, its against policy