Your app will look different on different devices

As we all know Kodular and all other ai2 distros have only pixel and percent value to size various components of our app which is completely useless ,because android devices come in all shape and sizes every device have different screen densities and different sizes. So while making an app on a platform like Kodular we can only support a few devices, not even few only the device on which we have designed our app.
Because we want our app to look and feel same on all devices whether it’s a tablet or a smartphone and when we set values in pixels it will look good on the device on which we are developing but on other devices it will look completely different very big on one and too small on another.
Because Android devices have different screen densities for which Google suggests not to use fixed values like pixels instead we should use DPs (Density independent pixels) to suport differnet screen densities .

Wrong. What about “fill parent”? And 100% means your component fits to every screen density. Of course you should set screen1 to “responsive”. Maybe you missed that in your projects.


Your statement makes no sense for me, because since my first app built in App Inventor, I’ve learned that if I set the screen to responsive and I use percentage to define the size of components, my apps will have the same appearance in any device.

PS. Why in the world did you create three topics for the same thing?


I know about that But you can’t set each and every component of your app fill parent and 100%

No I know about that as well but you are not getting my point

Every Android developer uses DPs instead of pixels and percent values because it’s flexible, and so I just need that if Kodular or any ai2 distro can will implement DP values then our app components will scale much better .

Because when creating a simple app with Basic layout as most of apps on app inventor are then it does’nt matter but when designing app with material UI or with various components or too many bitmaps then you will not want that any of them looks pixlated or your complete layout looks ugly so Google have suggested devlopers to use flexible values like DP and match parent so layout looks same on every screen size and fits every density bucket.
I know I am not that good in explaining something so take look at these articles you will understand clearly what I want to say -

Aren’t you forgetting something… It’s kodular not a full fledged android studio… So there will be limitations… So deal with it… And stop complaining…

We are very luck that we don’t have to write complicated android codes…

Yeah I agree with you but as I already said

Are you using any images in your app and does your app follow google’s material guidelines, maybe your app’s design is very basic design {no offend} because if your app uses various images then you need to use DP you just can’t use pixels or percents because they will look pixlated or ugly across devices and other components as well.

Consider reading this :-

All of them are different I think you have’nt read them carefully just Read the title and saying this.

@Koder1331 you are already using dp if set to responsive


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Yes I know it’s not full fledged android studio and Kodular is one of the best or bestest among all the distros of app inventor

Do you think I am complaining I am just asking to add a feature, because we know Kodular is best among all app inventor Distros, and Kodular have implemented amazing features and

Yes we are and Kodular is also my favourite among all app inventor distros , But if we want to create real professional apps then there are some feature we need in Kodular and you can’t Deny that . And I know that only Kodular can implement them because it’s most advanced app builder .

I don’t get offended easily, because this doesn’t apply to me once my apps can be used in tablets having the same appearance.

I have and I keep my statement. You could’ve summed up everything in one topic.


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So if i set my text boxes, images, buttons horizontal layouts to “fill parent”, the app will adjust to different screen sizes?

what about trying it yourself?
see also tip 2 here App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps
let us know, what you find out…

ive been doing it myself for 4 years trust me I know. My reasoning for asking was to bring out a more in depth conversation relating to the topic.