YouTube access like YouTube studio

How can I manage YouTube with app like YouTube studio I want to monitor subscriber likes I mean which channel user subscribe and which video users like I wanted to do with user permissions is it possible to do with kodular and if not then how can I do it with Java

First tried. Then ask such question…
Show what you have tried…

I don’t know a single thing about this so I didn’t try and I also want to tell you that I am not new at community so I know first I have to show what I tried but I have 0 knowledge about this so I didn’t show what I tried

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Why you didn’t reply?

I am just trying to find the answer so that’s why i didn’t reply.

Then you should learn how to use Kodular before trying to make apps.

Hey I know how to make apps with kodular ok I am making app for over 8 months and I was talking about YouTube access you should read full post and then reply

More than 4 days but didn’t get ant solution or reply

first you have to check youtube API Permissions. if youtube giving API Access for things like this. then it can be possible.
You have to do research on it. Means find ans. is youtube allowing this or not?

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YouTube Data API  |  Google Developers I found this can anyone tell me how to implement this

Using Web component

This is best answer and what you want to do after that you only have idea try to do work with youtube apis for that