Youtube API Guide

can we use any channel videos in my app and published in play store and monetize?

Link not working

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Link is broken; please update

Access Denied

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Probably Kodular Changed their database or something

please update guys

let me see if i still have the aia


dear Abhijith, we are all waiting

YoutubeAPI.aia (5.7 KB)

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thanks, I will try it.

thank you so much

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I extracted the downloaded file. and I found no .aia file

you dont need extract the zip file. Just change the file name, to *.aia (5.7 KB)


okay thanks for the information. very helpful . I want to ask again. how do I if I want to display a playlist (not channel id) ?

How can I query a list of videos of a specific category by search terms provided by the user?