Youtube API Guide

(Abhijith) #1

I have seen So many Users asking for a Youtube API Tutorial and here it is… I have uploaded the AIA at the Bottom of this Post. Hope you Liked it and found it helpful.

Set Your API Key Here :

How to get API?

Set The maximum Number of Videos You want to get(get Creative with it !)

Provide the Channel ID Here, I used a Text Box to get it from the Users

And That’s All, Easy as That! If you have any Doubt Just reply here.

AIA FILE : YoutubeAPI.aia (5.7 KB)


Want to Make an app like this and update the list by postman
(Cian) #2

Another great contribution. You are the local Youtube expert now @Abhijith_Dominic :slight_smile:

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JSON file Youtube Videos Fetching all Video Ids - Help
(Noman Rehan) #3

how to use card view extension with this

(Abhijith) #4

Here Instead of YouTubeList.AddItem you can add it to your Grid View. It depends on the Grid/Card View You are Using

(Noman Rehan) #5

I want to add this card view extension [Free] Material Cards + Camera Viewer (SPONSORED!) - #ThunkableClassicExtensions - Thunkable Community

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(Abhijith) #6

Make 3 List called Images, titles and subtitles and add items into it instead of adding it to the YoutubeList. After it finishes Call the Input Function of the Card View and set the images to the images list title to the titles list and subtitles to the subtitles list.

Make sure not to place the CardView Input Block in the loop. Place it after the loop

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(Noman Rehan) #8

I have Use This Block And It Works Thank You:smile::smile::smile:

(Krishan Kant) #9

This works very nice…my questions

  1. how to play these videos on fullscreen?
  2. how to use playlist instead of channel videos?
  3. can we upload an app using youtube api on google play store?
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(Abhijith) #10

Take a look at the Aia and Make necessary changes to make it full screen

Look at Google YouTube Api V3.

(Philipp Lang) #11

For your question number 3: Yes but only if it is your channel, otherwise you need a licence for that from the channel owner.This licence you have to show in your policy,term of use to the user. If you dont publish his licence there, you app will be rejected.

(Daniel Vanko) #12

DO NOT make your apiKey visible, because it is a type of sensitive information!

(Abhijith) #13

It’s Fine, because it’s a test project and I have even deleted it so it won’t work

(Krishan Kant) #14

One more question, you used “date” to order videos on the basis of time, what to use for sorting videos by views?

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(Hans Stockholm) #15

great tutorial !!

(Krishan Kant) #16

Got answer to my question…

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