Youtube Api suggestion

Hey all is the YouTube search api free , does anyone know that as I am unable to find it on google, I am planned to make a app using the api

@Oye_Lucky , from some days I am seeing you that you are creating multiple topics with the same name. If you’re facing issue then create topic but please with different name. It’s too confusing for koders. A topic must be based on your issue but your all topic’s title is same so what we should understand your all issue are same? . Why man?


Hi, you Oye_Lucky, you need a Free Youtube search API that can search a query and show all the results, right?

yup i just now enabled youtube v3 but i don’t have any idea how to use it in kodular


@Xoma can you please tell me how many request can i take from your question answer api

i am making a voice assistant app and i would be needing your api

i just want to know that exact limit

Maybe I can help you with a custom YouTube API. :smiley: As I’m working with python and web scrapping for two-three months.

Off-topic-reply –

As per my knowledge, there is not any limit whatsoever, just I cannot check if the API is working all the time.

it would be great , for yt api i just want that when the user says play (xyz) xyz=song on youtube
then the api would look for the search results and and play the song

is it possible

can i we talk on @Xoma

Sure, just PM me