Youtube app in kodular

i was make the youtube like UI design by using the dynamic arrangement extension @yusufcihan. the intention of this project is only to make UI of the list
here is app screenshots

Bugs Free apk file (New Updated app )

Youtube.apk (5.6 MB)
Youtube.aia (346.1 KB)


Good job …

Great… :+1:

OMG its almost exactly like youtube

I want to make it really work like a normal youtube app.
Can you please send .aia
I don’t want to post it anywere, just for learning purposes.


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If you have created this with dynamic arrangement extension then you can guide other users to create this by uploading tutorial of this.

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Yes I will make the tutorial , and thank you to all, just gave some time to me

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I think you click on channel dp image that’s why you see that error , I not set the block for that



10q buddy


Now download the latest app and try you not see that error
Thanks you

I Added the aia file check it out

Nice UI, Great :partying_face:

I think you can change the catagery to #guides:resources

Help :rofl:

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what happen which help you want

Its a sound of advertising

The sound keeps going when you exit the video.

i already mentioned in post my intention is to make youtube like list view that’s it

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