Youtube Channel App [ Paid Aia ] For just a small donation

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Name of my App:- Youtube Channel App with fetch videos automaticaly.

App Store/Download link:

Youtube Channel_1.0.apk (4.9 MB)


☞ Fetch Videos from Youtube.
☞ Amazing videos list with beautiful UI
☞ Amazing Video player
☞ You can change channel id by clicking Floating Button.
☞ Using youtube api 3.0
☞ play videos with full screen.
☞ Risk free aia because when app on pause video player will be stoped


** About Developer**
☛Designed and Developed By:- [email protected]


By donating 300 Rs or more, I will send you the aia. When the donations reaches 1500 Rs, the aia will be fully sponsored and liberated for free to all users.

==Thanks to Below Extension Developers ==

  1. JsonTools Extension
  2. ColinTree ListView Extension
  3. Button Designer Extension

Thanks Kodular Team

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add some screenshots


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how much is 300 r in dollars?

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No, 300 Indian rupee
4.2 dollar


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