Youtube component error on version 4

It gives error on android version 4.2-4.4
video doesnt play and it giver error
will it be solved ???
on next update

Facing same problem.

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Did you read the warning when you inserted the component?

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He said it crashes on Android 4.2 @Conor

You talk about a error.
So why don’t you show us any error message?

I think it would be a wrong arrangement of blocks.

Note that only video ID should be pasted not complete URL eg : you have to put only bold letter one !

Hope it helped

this is the error i am getting on 4.4

Please use the “Error” event from the youtube player component and show in a label if you get a visible error message as text.

Like this:

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Error on android 5 as well after update
In android 4 too
Error not displayed on llabel

Maybe you should click on “Learn more”.
And as the youtube player component is loaded it is no error with the youtube component.


No its not clickable…
It shows error in android 5 and 4 too
Use appetize… for testing

Hi @awakendeath8 !
It seems to be an issue with Youtube and the video you are trying to play and not an error with the YouTube component.

Can you share the URL of the video you are trying to play ?

Look here…

Run on Android 4.4

My block…

Why error

i also same problem. what can do

Here you have the answer: