Youtube data call help

I donot have google play console account , so how can I retrieve data of my channel through json
Like :-{your_key_here}&channelId={channel_id_here}&part=snippet,id&order=date&maxResults=50
Some please tell is there other way ? Without google play console key

Maybe try to use another api like

Moderator please make a aia file for it, please tell me , is it working for you ? because my one is not working

What have you tried so far ?

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Use the Documentation given by Rapid API. I have Used it. You Have to Get Youtube Data As Json and Convert to dictionary.

[Free] Json To Dictionary Extension

Use This Extention and Refer other Guides.
I Have Used and it Works Completely.

Can you share a video tutorial

Ok give me some time. i will send

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Ok, thankyou

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What is the problem to follow rapidapi’s instructions ?

Ok , What is web request header ?

Its very useful , thank you @dora_paz for help , @BLAZE_ARDUINO for telling which extension to be used

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Hello , I want to ask that I am uable to fetch data from youtube channel which have custom channel in like

In channel id I pasted c/CodeWithHarry

How to use this extension with this

In order to work this api needs channel id so you must find the specific id for CodewithHarry channel

?? Moderator please tell how to use it

Maybe you could use google api,id&key=%7BAPI_KEY%7D

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