[FREE] JSON Path Extractor- extension for extracting data form JSON formatted data

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The extension that I was looking for, for a long time. This extension will help you extract data from JSON formatted data. I found it very useful for extracting data received via API call and displaying it on UI. JSON Path, for me, is the easiest way of extracting data from JSON formatted data.

Only block


Usage instructions


This is a block that requires 2 arguments:

  • JSON - JSON formatted data that includes the data we want to extract
  • JSON Path - the JSON Path expression

As return we receive we receive a string with wanted data.

JSON Path learning materials:

Example blocks:

Download links:


Congrats for your extension…

Is it different than the existing other JSON extractor extensions?

Did you check your apk?

I get such error while opening the app

I am using andro version less than 10

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Thanks for the feedback.
No I did not check the APK because it worked using the companion. Sorry about that.
I updated all 3 files with the latest version that worked on my Huawei P20 Lite, Android 9
(I checked this time :slight_smile: )

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Yes, now It works in no time. Nice… Good work…

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Great Extension, But IDK What is the use of it?

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You just need to find, u will see hundreds :wink:

Nice Extension @markocurlinoski_uie :partying_face: Awesome Job

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For me personally, the best way to parse JSON is JSON Path so I created this extension and uploaded to the community if anybody else need it :slight_smile: