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How to get youtube launcher class name

I want to open Direct YouTube with value

Activity starter

You don’t need YouTube class name.
Use activity starter. Set:
action to “android.intent.action.VIEW”
data uri to “your YouTube video URL”
and you are done. :wink:


Do as @golumaths100 said.

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I would like a class name on YouTube

i know , but i need youtube class name

Actually there’s no need of using YouTube class name. But if you want, then this is the class name: “$HomeActivity”

Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

add data uri and action in design page add call option on block

It is opening on YouTube in a good way but the video is not opening.

In action, you should add “android.intent.action.VIEW”.

What happens when u just set data uri and start Activity?

Try it!

(Set action: android.intent.action.VIEW)

Add youtube video link like this

its not work

Add youtube video link like this
(https:// /Mxn_e3PbvCE)
this link get mobile youtube share option

I don’t want to see Chrome

Why don’t you use YouTube video component available in Kodular? :thinking:

This is because, how the Activity starter works!

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I use YouTube video component but i need it very much.

Please have any solution

I don’t want to see Chrome