Youtube Player Not Working with Firebase

Hey Guys,
I Have Just Make LiveTV App with Firebase but it’s not working.
You can see my Blocks and Error. Any Solution?
Thank’s in Advance.

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Where do you store the links?

These are not full blocks and there is no YouTube player block.
So we can not help.
Also error screenshot is not complete.Search error code on Google and share it here what you find.

YouTube player blocks are on separate screen. He is transferring values from this screen.

Sir YouTube player blocks are on separate screens.

I asked you where do you store links? @MehtabSays

Send a snapshot of your Firebase DB values if possible! I would love to see that!

Sir this is Firebase DB Values. when i click on Bol Button then it’s showing but other screens not showing.

Hello! This is a developer’s community. You can share it publicly. I can’t see the values. :roll_eyes: How could I help you?

Find if values contains /\ something like these.

Sir Please check this. Bol is working others not working.

Nothing found on Firebase! Cross-check your coding and Firebase connections.

SIR everything is correct When i put the Bol value x_Np… in ary etc then its working otherwise not working.