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Hi guys , in desing mode I put the start position to start the youtube video, and it works perfectly. But in the source code, I don’t know which parameter to put and start at the exact point.

Point to position ->

I tried everything and it doesn’t work

This work only with math component to set the position to start


yes i understand, but it didn’t work

Try Change call Youtube. Load video Id for call Youtube. Instant Load video Id and remove call Youtube. Play

Edit: Move call Notificador1 .Created Custom Dialog to Screen Initializate block

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Nothing works, only if you put time in desing mode

blocks1 blocks

that way it worked, but it will cause me inconvenience

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i think this wrong block


and this correct

text (1)

please delete or split “

because it’s asks a video id (not a video url) and i think this is the video id

text (1)

and use this

blocks (7)

makes no difference, works the same in tests

I don’t know why but the problem is in the notifier if you set Youtube Player in other component don’t have problem to load the video.
Anyway here is my solution

I’m sorry for the delay in my response, I was looking for the solution. I hope it helps you.

EDIT: Sorry I forgot mention set the time clock to 250.
If this post solve you problem please mark as solution to help for other members know the solution.

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thank you , it could be easier, but it works

Test with it once

i know this is same

but it works

Don’t work (at least on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Android 5.1.1) if Youtube Player is set inside a custom notifier for that reason I post other solution.

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Eureka … I was using the wrong block, the right would be, start second for

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