YouTube video download with quality

Hello kodulares
I search for YouTube video download and I found many extension but I don’t found extension to download YT video with chooses quality
And I don’t found api for that
Anyone know How to make that ??

Downloading YouTube videos isn’t allowed by Google, as it violates the YouTube Terms of service. So apps that uses this extension will not be allowed to be published on Google Play.


I will not published on play store
I make it for me

it does not include quality but we cant add quality maybe a video editor extension would help like - Cloudinary Video Editor Free Extension How it can help me

Hi @Srrazmi if your extension can help me please tell us How??

there is a option to change quality

It is using to edit Cloudinary video

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so you will have to upload to cloudinary and then edit it

This will make me take long time and consume more internet. The problem is that the Internet in Egypt is limited

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i dont see any other way try searching in google for something

I have been searching for a long time and found the Python library I don’t know how to use it in kodular because I haven’t learned Python before

U can download YouTube video with quality by it


maybe you can use this guide -

to use python

you can create such an application using api. I created such an application using api on rapidapi

I got in touch with him to find out some details on how to use Python in Kodular

Can you tell me which API you are using ?

i found something maybe i can make a extension


Please knock me personally, I’ve extension to download youtube videos with different qualities