YouTube Video Id Extractor Extension

YouTube Id Extractor Extension

Introducing the YouTubeIdExtractor Extension, this extension devloped for extracting YouTube Video Id from YouTube URLs.


  • Supports all type of YouTube URLs.

  • One Block Disign.

  • 5kb extension size

See here URLs example :
URLs.txt (1007 Bytes)



YouTubeIdExtractor.aix (4.9 KB)


For any questions or support, support will be provided here.
else connect with us on Telegram: Telegram: Contact @allstudysatwik

Thank you.

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You are just separating the starting URL and ending URL and returning the ID which is already there in the URL.

This can be done without extension with replace all text block.

If you want to grow in extension development then build some unique extension which are not already exists in the community.

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Yes your right I did same, But on cummunity I found 2-3 topic how to extract YouTube id, they ask for extension.

(Topics are already solved from the Method you described. It works and I agree with it.)

for making extensions, Is it not okay to practice?

And Yes I searched this cummunity and other also But extension does not exist on any cummunity.
Is this not uniqueness?

 (My words are looks like rude but I Don't know how to reply on specific text which you or other ask in their reply. and that's why it's look like rude.)

But sorry for any Inconvenience did by me.

-But yes extension works perfectly as like the method provided on cummunity.:wink:

Thank you.

I would prefer an extension to extract IDs, as it takes so many blocks to extract IDs from different URLs, whereas an extension requires just one block. It’s really helpful. However, my concern is YouTube’s sudden change in URL formatting, so I would recommend an API to handle this. With an API, we can make changes instantly in the backend without updating the application on the Play Store.

Practice makes a man perfect :ok_hand:
Keep coding :man_technologist:

Obviously you can. Just suggesting develope some unique extensions.

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@Yash_Kumar12 Your suggestion is very helpful I will try for it.:+1:

@JEWEL Thank You

Thank You.

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I tried this, But I think it will increase blocks and calling that api also will increase blocks.

So I think we are ok with extension.

But yes Thank You for Your Supportive suggestion​:relieved:.

Thank You.

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Using app script I did that.

here is the Script url :

now we can store this url in our online database so whenever we databass it will also update app url.

How its work


this are the example blocks.

nice, but doesn’t it have quota limitation?

@Yash_Kumar12 I didn’t set any limits on its quota but I don’t know Google app script automatically sets any limt on it​:slightly_smiling_face:.

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