YouTube video player extension not working

Which extension do you use ? Are you sure that video is avalaible ?

Yes, video is available, and I used the YouTube video player extension by Deep Host.

Questions regarding DeepHost’s extensions aren’t allowed in the community. Please for any problem contact the developer

Why don’t you use Kodular’s Youtube component instead ?

OO OK. Let me try

Not working. Did I miss something?



I want to call data from airtable.

Simply get that value and put it in videoId


I want to show multiple videos on the same screen.

Simply set video Id to get start value

Screenshot please

What is this start value ? Is it video Id ? Simply replace


I already tried this. However, it does not work.

Use Do it on start value and post a screenshot

Just loading


Same result

What is your start value ? For test purposes replace with start value with RKdpG1QnmA8