YouTube videos to Mp3 files

(YT mp3) this is the name of my new app.
This app converts any YouTube video to mp3 and you can download this mp3 file.
I used this API to run this service:
YouTube mp3 API
You can also test my APK and tell me your opinion about it
APK file


I never heard of mb3 files, but I searched for it in plystore and found nothing, so you probably had a good idea.
May be you can improve the UI and post the app in Playstore

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Mb3 or mp3​:interrobang::interrobang::interrobang::interrobang::interrobang::interrobang:

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200 request on free subscription

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Mp3 that’s fault from me :sweat_smile:

Yes I Know that and that is the bad thing of this service.

Ok thank you very much l will work on it

use npm modules thats free if you know about js and nodejs

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That’s a good idea thank you @Leaf

Can we upload a youtube mp3 video downloader on play store?
Is this legal??
I don’t know. Please tell me.

Really I don’t know
But l think you can do that but For personal use, And it is not illegal to download YouTube video. But it is immoral cause YouTube run ads on it .

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But I saw youtube to mp3 downloaders in play store

No no
there are no youtube video to mp3 apps.

Or they using api?

Mmm yes they are not youtube to mp3 download apps

this app not allowed on google play becz YouTube + Play store same company,they’re not allowed this app.
but if you mention “Video to mp3 Convertor” on playstore, do not meantion "Youtube to mp3 Downloader"on title,description or your app UI and hide YouTube link on your screenshort, i think you go ahead…

Ok,thank you @Bidush24 for your advice .
And I know that kind of this apps is not allowed on play store but I make this app only for test API and for personal use.

thanks @Bidush24 for this info.

Heelo can you just provide me a aia file please