YT Genius [ANALYSIS tool]

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YT Genius

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This app provides several tools which can help you a lot if you are a youtuber.
Tag suggester
Tag extractor
Channel ID extractor
Google trends data
Subscriber Count (approximate )
Video Planner (coming soon)

Screenshots and Explanation :

      Home Page

    First tool lets you enter keyword and get similar and popularly used keywords

 If you copy paste google trends link here the data and graphs related to that will be directly available in app. (Best to keep track of topics your channel is covering)

 This is a very basic tool to get youtube video tags and also full description of that video instantly just by pasting video url.

     This tool lets you extract channel id of any channel by just pasting their youtube video link.

      Finally just by entering channel id of your channel you can get approximate subscriber in your account. Also if you enter your channel link you can generate QR.

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subscriber etc. Did you shoot with the api, I want to know how you did it

thank you


I used a free api from rapid api to get channel ID. Rest were from different things

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