-2/-1 don't work on Dynamic Spaces

Hey, just using the Dynamic Space component and I can’t get it to width: fill parent.
I saw this:

It works for literally all the components except this one.
When I type -2, well, it takes that seriously, and makes the left margin -2px, so you can say it sticks them together.

My blocks are here:

Sorry if there is a simple logic (like width minus height blah blah blah), I’m really tired.


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In dynamic card view, we use -1 for wrap content and -2 for fill parent.
This is not the case with SpaceView.


Actually, i don’t think you can use the same ID with the arrangement and the space
Try type in random width to see if it’s really created.

And no, it works for all component.

The dynamic space is a component by itself. I only create spaces with it.

Yes, it does indeed create a space with the desired width.

Alright, so this is how I’ve done it.


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