Dynamic card view

hello friends, i’m having an issue with dynamic component, some image are displayed and others are not displayed, i think there is an issue with how i should set width and height

here is how i set it

here is how it appear

how can i solve this

And where is the rest of the code

I suspect that you have horizontal and vertical dynamic component, but are using same nummber for both


Much thanks

sorry, here are my block

3 4 6 7

also when screen one initialize

by number you mean?

some image all they appear, but when i try image with different size, that’s when blank appear

As i see you set width -2 and height -1 for components.
Set width 0.9*width of vertical arrangement

thanks, but on set width 0.9, nothing is displayed

here vertical_scroll_arrangement.witdh is your arrangement where want to put this component

did i set it properly? it does not work


you are loading image from database for that,

you can get complete tutorial from this docs from kodular it helps you in using dynamic components



Much thanks

I am also making card view. May I ask is width = -2 means width = Fill parent and -1 means Automatic?

For fill parent use verticalArrangement.width block.

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Yes :upside_down_face:

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