What does "add component to card view" of dynamic components do?

Sorry if this is a stupid question. But what does it do? What component exactly is it adding to the card view? I can understand “create button” and “create textbox” etc, but I don’t understand what “add component to card view does”.

Thanks guys

what you want to say?
i think you are confused…

Simply, the question is, what does or what can “add component to card view” do?

You can make a CardView and add components to it at runtime, using that block. You’re not limited to adding just dynamic components either, so it gives you more freedom.

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I see.
So, in the example above, what does it do to contribute to that result?
How do I use it, seeing that it doesn’t specify EXACTLY what dynamic component to add to Dynamic_Card_View1 at runtime?
I am sorry if I asked a stupid question, because it doesn’t seem that the documentation describes how to use it clearly enough, according to my puny understanding

Does anyone know of an example on how to use the “add component to card view”? The picture I gave above does use it but I have no idea how that would change the result, if it is not there.

you want to create above provided layout?if i am not wrong

No. I just want to know what “add component to card view” does. Because it does not actually state what the component added is. That confuses me… What actually is it adding?

add component to card view can be used to add dynamic component or pre-created component into any Dynamic CardView.You can understand it better by following block and result.



Before Click

After Click


I see. Finally, someone who can answer it well enough, so I can understand. By the way, can you really set the height of the cardview to 100? My other post is about this. Like it is impossible to set the width or height of a dynamic component. We have to do it by adjusting the width or height of the parent “arrrangement”, which is not dynamic and is not what I want. Do you mind taking a look at that post?

yes obviously…

right now i’m working on that post about where you posted about dynamic label.

Do you mind checking out my other post? Can we not set width and height for dynamic cards?

Thank you. I tried setting the width to multiple values, but the label width can’t change

i have created lots of dynamic card with specified height width :laughing:

I would really appreciate your advice here. Check out my other post and tell me what I did wrong please…

You mean to say “Dynamic” pre-created component into any Dynamic CardView." Right?

Can we use it to add regular, non dynamic component into Dynamic CardView by any chance?

yes you can… see blocks of Button1 click adds that button in dynamic created card


Thank you very much for a prompt reply.

I am using a for loop for dynamic card view. And trying to display an icon with a dynamic text (Side by Side).

I tried as per your explanation. Its adding the NonDynamic Arrangement content ONLY to the last dynamic card.

Can you please tell me how to repeatedly use the NonDynamic Arrangment so that it will be added to all dynamic cards?

yes it will add to last component… Because you have only one pre-created component… you can understand by following example…
Suppose you are creating 10 cards and in every card you are using(or moving) that pre-created component…

every time you have to create dynamically and add to card with there respective id’s


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