2048 Rails. A Small Puzzle Game

2048 Rails.

Download Link TwoZeroFourEight.apk - Google Drive

( Apology For Not Providing Direct Download Link )

Not Completed the UI because i Don’t have Any Idea regarding it.
Any Suggestion for UI will be Appritiated.

Edit - Some Issues Resolved. x2

Share Screenshots of Your High Scores.


After game over, nothing has happened. Can you make tutorial of how to play?

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I got that, After Game Over Things were Chained with TinyDB and TinyDB Malfunctioned. :man_facepalming:
Trying to Fix it. :face_with_monocle:
Edit - Even the Points System has Failed working. :man_facepalming:x100

I thought 2048 Rails is Easy to Play. So i didn’t made any.

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Because I notice the error, so I thought I was playing it wrong.

good, i liked it :heart_eyes:


What’s the maximum Combination you Reached.
Mine is 1024.

hhh, i remember near 400

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