A small help From koders

unity 3d is also a good option

My PC is low end one

try and use adventure box

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What is your config…

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You should try to create your own games in Kodular…
There are many components in kodular…
Try using canvas and animation components…


even im making a game first my logic was like a game called among us ad the i changed it se if can do it

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CPU : Intel core 2 Duo
Ram : 2gb DDR3
Hard disk : 800 gb
No graphics card

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if you thinking to earn money.

then creating 100 apps = 1 Game

No issues search on community there are lots of games made on Kodular and they are even popular on google playstore…

But now I am using my b rother’s laptop which is high end one

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ask developer

u are confusing.make a playtore u mean

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I DONT KNOW WAT KIND OF APP yoou are making but if u are trying to add movement them pm me or add animations on walking .
or if
u add WEB VIEWER THEN USE custom webview extinction . also take permission from the developer of app.and dont add banner ads

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Check out Godot, it’s very small and open source. GDScript is similar to Python and shouldn’t be difficult to learn.