Hackanoid! A tribute to the 80's arcade Arkanoid

Finally! Google approved it so let’s not say anything about the name OK? :sweat_smile:

Yes, it has ads. Sorry! :grin: I hope they are not too annoying. Let me know if that’s the case. :grimacing:

Improvements from the old Koduloid:

Smoother sprites movement.
More bricks.
More sprites and animations.
A final battle with The Boss! :scream:
Added a “Practice” mode so you can select any level and play. :star_struck:

Extensions used:

Dynamic Components by @yusufcihan (To create all the static sprites at runtime, more than 230 sprites! in the same canvas!).

Phase by @Shreyash (for the menu buttons effects).

EFile by @vknow360 (to be able to read images from the assets folder without requesting user permission).

Sorry, the video doesn’t have sound, but the effects are awesome! Try it.

If you see something that is not right, please report it so I can update the game.
Also if you think something is missing.

Have fun! :+1:t2:


Addictive game :crazy_face:

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Now I have two of your koded games installed on my smartphone. Excellent! :blush:


Why does it ask for location permission? :point_down:

The ads I guess?

It says “it may request” but I don’t think it does. When I installed it from the store it didn’t ask for any permission.

Oh, ok your game’s previous version, Koduloid, didn’t contained ads I think. So was the confusion!
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


As in my device, the actual game interface seems to appear lower due to ads :point_down:

Also, currently we can select any level we want to play(even we can open the final level directly), shouldn’t it be like, you should first complete the previous level to enter a new one?

  1. Also, the game gets over even when I am not ready!

  1. And, if I complete one stage, I think, it should take me to new(next) level, instead it exits the stage and takes me to the screen where all the levels are displayed
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You can practice any level but If you are in practice mode, you only play that level. That’s the incentive to play the whole game in arcade mode.


Got that! Thanks!

About the game area size, I had to maintain the height relative to the width to have the same aspect ratio of the original game screen. I have an idea to make it better.


I love it!!

I wonder how many blocks did you use to make this great game?:thinking:


416 blocks for the menu, and 4587 blocks for the game screen.


You have a very tall screen! I made an update on the game to make it look better in tall screens. I would really appreciate if you can check it and let me know if it’s any better.
Thank you.


The game doesn’t seem to be updated on Playstore yet. Once it’s there, I would be happy to report you about game interface appearance issue.


I really liked it! The screen is centered and the new controller at the bottom has made the gameplay much better.


Thanks for trying it Fabio.


You’re welcome!
It entertains me a lot despite the fact that I am unable to advance much on the scoreboard, but I will manage, somehow, one of these days.

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Hello @Italo , I updated the game today but when I opened the practice mode, error alerts related to sound started to popup. Video :point_down:

The alerts continued to appear even after I closed the game