3.0.1 companion error

On Makeroid, we are making a new companion from zero

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okay thanks :kissing_heart:

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Wow so new user experience. :+1

Can’t much wait.

I hope this issue will be solved in next up update.


Please fix makeroid starter.exe to make compatible with window7 32bit.

I have tried both version of starter but still having problems.

Can you tell the error that you get with Starter?

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@NICK Try this

Can everybody test this Companion and see if it crashes?

Makeroid.apk (5.9 MB)

It uses a different keystore than Google Play one, so you will have to uninstall previous Companion and install this one. After finishing testing install again PlayStore one to continue receiving updates
I just want to test if the crash bug is fixed

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Makeroid.apk (5.9 MB)

This version works for me in landscape mode too. Important is that I turn my phone 90 degree to the left before reading the QR code. . When i hold it other way, the companion crashes.
So this version is way better. :slight_smile:

windows 7 64 bit, firefox 64 bit / Samsung A3 2016, Android 7.0

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Okey :+1:

Now we need someone that can test on Android below Lollipop

İts working for me

What Android are you using?

Please, on the reply message, if it works or not, if you rotate crashes and your Android version

Working fine for me. Android 5.0.2 TCL M3G.

Rotatong crashing
Android 6.0.1

It isnt working on android 6.0.1. The screen doesnt change companion after reading QR code

I have tried this also but gives error :sleepy:

Can you go to folder where Makeroid Starter is installed and find adb.exe? Then, in folder, open cmd and type adb.

result :


makeroid website result :

Nothing happened.

open https://starter.makeroid.io/ and make sure it shows “YES, MAKEROID STARTER IS RUNNING”

and select USB in builder, it will try to connect. In the starter app window, it shows the connection.

Any other solution?

have you enabled the ‘USB DEBUGGING MODE’ in your mobile?
Also make sure you installed correct driver for your mobile in your windows system.