$50, Need a developer

Hi I need an developer for my app idea

Skills developer should have.

  • Mysql database Knowledge
  • Photoshop Knowledge
  • UI / UX knowledge.

If you have skill above. Please send me your portfolio in inbox :slight_smile:

Can you give more details about that? Like how much knowledge you need etc. Also I changed the category to a better one.

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And you should write how much a developer will earn.

By the way, 50$ isn’t much for a real app from scratch.


Im from the philippines and 50$ is so much in here. Willing to take this project if there’s more details.


Thank you very much Mika for responding as a start i think $50 is enough.

Actually the money depend upons the developers skill and creativity.

Please PM me your portfolio.

If the app is to be very complex, $50 is not enough. Please share more details about the project so that anyone interested can better judge the offer.


How much knowledge i need?

What do you mean by this?

Related with ecommerce.

But most of features should be dynamic and can be controlled from database.

Then expect to pay $50 upwards… The features you have mentioned till now are doable in Kodular, but I don’t see why you’d require MySQL for it.


Mysql is faster, cheaper.

Making E commerce apps cost lacks and you want it done for 50$
At least 200-300$ for basic e commerce app made with kodular is what you should offer.

So do you want dynamic data via Firebase, or MySQL? I’m confused now.

make it $200. considering the fact that you want database included etc. $50 sounds like a website mock-up app :shushing_face::sunglasses: . I Love block coding and building apps but the stress that goes into thinking logical is very intensive especially if you are a perfectionist


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