A long way... #CinelarTV

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I can not say that I am going to accompany you but if you stuck anywhere then pm is always opened.
And community is also here to help you.


Thank you! They would really help me some sample designs, and soon some translators :slight_smile:

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Added how I made “BigCover Slideshow” :white_check_mark:


Added “CinelarTV Home - Experimental Functions” Screenshot :white_check_mark:

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Added “Multi-Regions” explanation :white_check_mark:

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Added “External Services” that I use :white_check_mark:

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Added “Authentication / Login Screen” Screenshot :white_check_mark:


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Hey #Koders :kodular:

Next week probably I will publish the AB Studios LLC Translation Center , where those who want to collaborate with the CinelarTV translation can do so without problems.

If you want to collaborate I recommend you send me a PM :inbox_tray: to add as a collaborator in the translation :world_map: of the application soon :smiley::white_check_mark:


Made with :heart: in :kodular: Kodular


Hey! Do you remember that I was going to talk more about CinelarTV Home?

Well, it’s time for explanation

CinelarTV Home is a shell script (.sh) that installs the software, required data and makes the necessary modifications so that the CinelarTV application can connect to your personal server

After the launch, the Script for installation will be shared


A computer with a fixed local IP address

Ubuntu, Ubuntu Server or derivated (14.04 Trusty Tahr and later versions)

If you want to cache streaming content you must have a minimum of 4GB of free space, otherwise 1GB is more than enough

How it Works?

CinelarTV Home creates a task in Cron so that every 24 hours the data is synchronized with the central database

In short: It is one more but personal region for each home

CinelarTV Home uses XAMPP, MariaDB, php and NGINX Send File

© 2019 - AB Studios LLC


Hey can you tell me what is your aia size and how many blocks are you using
And how you will switch languages.
BTW I think your app will be best app which made with kodular

Before its size was 3.79MB, I managed to reduce to 2.85MB by removing the Firebase authentication component and using the Mixtremapps extension instead

I don’t know yet, it’s not finished

The Strings file is obtained according to the region
Being a JSON response, I use the JSONTools extension (the Resource Utilities component never worked for me)

Thank you! But there are many apps that are even better


Added “Login failed due to suspension” :white_check_mark:

“Application and users security goes first”

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It is the most convenient

I give you this example:

If I did the traditional method:

  • Any user could access content not available in their region


  • The content and UI language of the user would be different

Added “CinelarTV Help Center” :white_check_mark:

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Added “Custom Back-end” explanation :white_check_mark:

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Hello everyone!

Today I really have no ideas to add to CinelarTV, so I thought, ¿who better than the #Koders to send suggestions? :thinking:

The next feature included in CinelarTV will be chosen by you! :smiley:

CinelarTV: Feature Request | Google Forms

Note: The features or functions submitted to the form will be selected through a survey here in Community soon
Note 2: Suggestions that are not formulated correctly will not be taken


Suggestion 1 | Chromecast upload | Google Forms

@hammerhai is currently doing everything possible to offer this function to users :raised_hands:

Suggestion 2 | Designs from Dribbble | Google Forms

  • Dribble Designs
  • Own Design

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Personally I prefer to be original