A Proper Guide To Use Firebase Phone Authentication

I searched alot in the community and also tried many things to figure it out.
But i am not able to use it.

Please someone give a proper guide with detailed explanation please.

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Here is what you are looking for:

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I think @teamadmire01 needs a guide on Firebase Authentication, and if I’m not wrong, the guide you’ve linked in your post is about dynamic cards, no?

I was talking about first part of Vishwas’s guide.

I’ll make a guide about Firebase Auth if this topic gets enough votes :smiley:

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That means you have no official guide posted.
LOL i was searching almost everywhere but found no solution.
Thanks and please make it as simple as possible

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Try this for phone authentication

or check this above link for basic start

mark as solution if you got your answer

For Advance using Firebase Athentication

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try this to get all parameter…