A strange behavior of the TinyDb

Is there any documentation on how TinyDb is used within Kodular? So for example the question where is this data in Android. Now and then I have the behavior that the data in TinyDB is suddenly deleted, and I ask myself how this can happen.

My app builds the setup environment over several screens. Certain screens are shown only once during these routines. All of this data is stored in a tinydb. As an an example

First call of the app … request basic data from the user and send to the administration server by mail. This answers with an individual reference number for confirmation. Then the TinyDb switches from FirstRun to SecondRun. And this first screen never reappears. It all works the way I want it to. But sporadically when I test the app, does it happen that it starts all over again?
What a sign is that the TinyDB has lost its values.

Nun kmeine Fragen ?

  1. Is this a known problem, and when was is the reason.
  2. Is there a way to read the TinyDB directly with all values? So that I can verify my suspicions.


Reads documentation at docs.kodular.io

ok i see my problem, i have to handle this DB with care because…

…That sharing will disappear once the apps are packaged. …

soo I have to find a other solution


you could store your data as text file in csv format in the assets of your app, read the file on first run of the app and store its data in TinyDB
alternatively @juananton1991 offers an extension to export TinyDB…
see here Get all TinyDB Extension by Juan Antonio to backup TinyDB as Text or JSON format
but as it seems to be, unfortunately there is no Import available?


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You can use this extension to save the TinyDBX in the SdCard and then recover it, but it is not the “official” TinyDB it is a TinyDBX created by the extension.


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