A Top Sheet Extension

Hello, @ExtensionDevelopers is anyone free or have time to develope a extention for top sheet similar to bottom sheet. As I need it for my current project :grin:

You can use this repo in GitHub

@vknow360 thanks for finding this code

As you can see you can do much more than a top sheet using this, but I need a top sheet.

This would be a good contribution for community :grin:

I hope someone will do it.

If others also need this they can use the poll

  • Needed
  • Really Needed

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This can be made using animation utils…
Good thing is that you can have custom design for your top sheet…

And you must add third option that is not needed​:joy::joy::joy:


Would you like to help me ?


I would add left and right !!

Top and bottom can also be added.

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Well, it doesn’t mean it’s not needed…

yes GIF

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So where is extension ?

Did you read?

Also, it’s in #marketplace nd not in #extensions

Actually I want it for my current project.

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Actually, there is already an extension like this by @Ken. It is called AnyBar.


I think you don’t read the description of catagory

Any link to it.


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Actually It’s A paid one. I don’t have money to spent. :roll_eyes::grin:




It’s clearly mentioned that it can be for free also.

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And in that extension it’s just adjusting the arrangement on screen ,I want it to pop up from top.
Just like bottom sheet.
You can see it here.

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It is a popup. I have the extension myself.