A verry weird runtime error

All i did was to make a textbox visible true with a button but…when i clicked on the button i got this:

Can anyone help me what that means?

Can you send screen 1 blocks ?

I think error is in screen 1 :thinking:

You have just 1 block in screen 1 ?

No…i just have the textbox inside a vertica arrangement scroll

Pls check in your blocks. Unknowingly you left one block as empty . Click on show error from the blocks section and try to solve, your weird runtime error will wipe off

I deleted the non connected empty blocks from code but the runtime error still shows up :thinking:

Refresh the companion?

No i just downloaded the apk, i didnt run it from companion

This happened because you moved another variable to a location, but never changed the new variable. In the new location where the variable is, the previous name doesn’t exist.

Also check whether you have added any empty maths block.

Instead of this, if you share your blocks, it will be convenient to suggest

Thanks problem solved it seems there was another empty variable block behind that i didnt saw which ended gave an error

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Mark the solution please

That was marked and removed immediately. :smirk::smirk::smirk:

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