Aar library support

I have a question that why the AI or KODULAR extensions doesn’t support libraries in the form of aar file ?
I have checked everywhere but most of questions and answers were old. So I thought asking in present may be helpful if there is an change.

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You can use aar file just by placing them in lib folder!!
Check this doc:- How to Add a Component

Article:- 4h

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I have done the same as it was in documentation but it causes a problem with resources, I have got an error

See this post, might help

You may have done something wrong while developing the extension


Yes If you are building a component, but it’s not possible with extensions.

With extension only jar is supported.

May be we can help him after he tells is the type and usage of extension :heart:

I uses the library to make a layout

Nope,It’s because AAR files are not supported,You can only use jar inside it

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