About Creating a Favorites Area in the Palette


I am a very fast working person in general. While designing, I may encounter many minor problems. I can handle most of it somehow, but when the use of “Layout” is too much, the design issue becomes a bit annoying.
There are 3 components that I generally use. Space, horizontal and vertical components. Animation times and sometimes short lags in transitions really make the job harder.

Creating a Favorite field above the “User Interface” text and “?” If an asterisk is added next to the icon, we can take a faster action on the design. This will be very useful in many ways.


The delays that I call the problem are very short delays, but when I work on a project for more than 2-3 hours, these short periods really become an obsession. Besides, how bad could it be to create a favorite space? :slight_smile:

Finally, if there is an alternative solution for this issue, I would appreciate it if you let me know.


Not: I write all my articles, including this one, using translation.The translation application can sometimes turn the sentence I am using into a sentence that has a harsher, commanding or judgmental meaning. If you encounter a situation similar to this in this article, know that it does not belong to me and please ignore it. :pray:

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