Some Suggestion for Builder Space

Please See attached pic
1 Save Project is used frequently so it should be out of menu option and make it a button
2 Color picker is seriously difficult (click go scroll down ) i should be in 3-4 columns currently 26 colors to pick we can have 7x4 or 9x3
3 & 4 I am using firefox with 80% zoom in a 1080p screen so i can work easily please make those list taller
specially in block view left side pan is waste of space you cant scroll at last of screen
5 Search palette you have click on search icon first to activate tying area

thanks for such nice tool for app making !!
Hope my suggestion will be useful


How come no one wants the components heirarchy and property inspector to be separated again? :confused:


Because now is good.:grinning:

Yeah, it was much easier to use. :confused:

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I would also like to see the hierarchy and property inspector seperated again. It takes more mouseclicks and is slower during working. I made a small gif for comparison.

AI is working faster because i can see the properties immediatly instead of having to go forth and back.


but i Liked that one like app inventor

Exactly! Thanks for understanding, Peter. :slight_smile:


in my pref color picker should be modified first of all
at least custom picker should be in top 3 position


We could have a toggle in the settings like:
Old app inventor hierarchy/property inspector