About Launcher Icon

I searched on the community before creating this topic but couldn’t find a solution.

This is the screenshot of the launcher icon of my app:


Why does the icon have square in the background? How do I remove the white background from the icon?

The icon which I have designed is a circular icon having height and width of 192 pixels as PNG format.

I tested this on my friend’s device and there it is showing perfectly as expected.

Here’s how it looks on his device:


Perfect but still it has some white border at the edges.

What should I do to fix this problem so that it will show perfectly circular icon in all devices?

The device I am using is Redmi Note 8, Android version 9.

It is depend on ui system of the device you uses if you are using redmi devices then its system shows rounded icon of apps whereas on some devices icon shows rectangular show white border come exactly
Look here

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Change the icon size! Default launcher icon size is 512*512

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But when I preview my icon from this website https://iconpreview.com/ the icon shows perfectly in the original shape which is circular.

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I believe that size is for Google Play Store right?

I cant say about that
But if the icon shows perfectly by your posted link then why you dont use that

What do you mean? The website link which I provided is just for previewing the icon.