Access is denied to the file when attempting to download

Hello guys, I researched before opening this post and saw no answer to my problem.
I am making an application. It has a screen with a webview of an extended system.
Navigation is normal.I place the user to access the system, navigate between the pages with the session working perfectly. But when I try to download a pdf.

Instead of downloading the PDF, you are downloading the page with the message of access denied to the system.

As if the session I opened when placing the user, is lost when I try to download it.

I’ve tried everything and I can’t get it to work.

That is, when logging into the system that is inside the webview, navigation between pages occurs without problems.

But when I start the download. It’s like I never logged in.

I am very grateful to anyone who can help.

By the way, I’m using the blocks of the “download” component to download the file.

Thank you very much if you can help me.

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What’s that?
Have you asked for write permission?

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Yes, you have write permission.

To better understand, within the webview there is a web application.

To access the application, a username and password are required.

Once logged in, navigation flows normally. But when I click to download a PDF. It’s like losing the login session. And do not download the ticket. Because you need to download the boleto, you are logged in.

The browser works without problems, but within the webview I have this problem.

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which extension are you using? any link?

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I’m not using any extensions.

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Show your blocks

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blocks_fim VARIAVEL

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I went up the block with the variable “splitDownloadURL”

What I use is actually the “list” variable. I just climbed the wrong block here in the post.

Above code will not work on Android 10 if there wasn’t a recent update.

Thanks for the tip. Do you have the blocks that would work on android 10 that you could share?

I don’t know whether Kodular has adapted changes made in Android 10 or not.

Just try once with extended webview

which blocks exactly do you think will fail? and why?

SaveFileAs property which always saves file in external storage.