Access storage when recording audio

Thank you guys for all the support. I have a different question need your help.

After saving the file to “test.3gp”, when I record again. It does not write over the first recording.

What am I missing? Thanks.

See eg here:

Dear bodymindpower, thank you for your quick reply. I read about this in your previous discussion. My intent is to WRITEOVER the previous recording, but it does NOT.

Please advise how to WRITE OVER. Thanks.

I tested your blocks and they work for me. The last recording gets overwritten.
Tip:Try the player component instead the sound component. The sound component is only for short sounds up to 5 seconds or so.


Thank you, Django.

It is working now. Thank you for the Player suggestion as well.

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I asked for a permission to WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, but was denied and telling me goto setting.

I went to settings, the Kodular companion is permitted to access “storage”.

Is there two different storage, or what? I don’t know enough about Android to know what to do now.

Thank you.

This should be executed after permission is granted not while you are about to grant it


Btw, what will happen if I deny it

But when we close app and open again it start again from the first name like myRec1.3gp. how to resolve that? Thank you

Use a TinyDB for that.


I’ve tried several times but I don’t know how to place it properly. Can you help me? This my block.


Thank you, it works :slight_smile:

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